Shuttle Drive


Shuttle Drive is an online based company that helps commuters book cars and bus for their long distance trips from a wide range of bus and car operators across West Africa.    We also offer other transportation related services to individuals, corporates and companies.   Our talented team are able to offer unique and customized road transportation solutions to help put a lasting smile on your face.

Our Vision

To be the number one online Transportation service provider in West africa

Our Mission

To enable commuters have the most memorable trips
by road

our core value

Buddy, you mean a lot to us and we aim to create the best of memories together even if we lose contacts we want to always aim to remain in your heart

We can always be trusted due to our consistency in delivering a high quality service with the state of the art and ultramodern vehicles

We believe you cannot “Coman kee” yourself with stress and so everyone should be able to have easy access to bus or car by just booking even in the bedroom.

Happy Clients of our Company